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Today was move out day from college.  Glad Connor is home for the summer, but alot of work and a long hard day of packing, driving, and cleaning.

So what do you do when it’s 8:00 at night, you are starving, and there is nothing in the refrigerator to eat?  Well, you make breakfast for dinner of course 🙂

Tonight I whipped up a bacon and cheese omelet and it was yummy and hit the spot.  Total cooking time was less than 15 minutes and it was very filling.

What do you make when it’s late and you want something quick to eat?  Share what you are chewing and click on picture for a close up.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

taco pizzamargarita

Love Mexican food, although not a big fan of spicy hot food 🙂  I have been experimenting with recipes that are “grain free” but still wanted tacos on Cinco de Mayo.  What I ended up creating was a taco pizza!

I used a crust mix that I purchased from: which is made from almond flour, coconut flour, and flaxseed along with spices like garlic powder.  It was very good and I might just have to purchase more.

If you want to make a taco pizza, feel free to use any pizza crust that your family enjoys – even a tortilla.

I browned up ground beef and seasoned just like I was making tacos.  Precooked the crust per the directions on the mix then topped with the browned seasoned beef, chopped onions, shredded mozzarella and cheddar cheeses.  Back in the oven until all the cheese melts.  Cool for about 5 minutes then top with shredded lettuce, chopped tomatoes and dollops of sour cream.  The results were wonderful and even good cold as leftovers (pizza for breakfast anyone?).

Of course I couldn’t have a taco dinner without sipping on a margarita!  I usually make a batch of “beer margaritas” and keep in the freezer.  What I do is take a can of frozen limeade and empty into a big pitcher.  Then fill the can with water and add to pitcher.  Then fill the can with tequila and add to the pitcher along with 1 can of beer.  Mix all ingredients together in pitcher and then pour into a gallon ziplock bag.  I then lay the bag flat in the freezer and when frozen scoop in glasses and enjoy!

What did you chew on May 5th??

Fire up the Grill !!

marinated veggies 2 chicken and veggies

Although we grill all year round, a day like today which was sunny, warm, and in the 70’s, it’s almost mandatory to fire up the grill.

Today I took a couple frozen chicken breasts and put them in a ziplock bag along with some oil, vinegar, parsley and basil.  I also chopped up big chunks of zucchini, yellow squash, onions, red and orange peppers and tossed them with some of the italian dressing marinade.

After marinating all day, I tossed them all on the grill and cooked until browned, and dinner was served.  A simple, but flavorful dinner that just screams summer – in the beginning of May!  I let the simple tastes of the food, herbs, and charcoal flavor shine through.  Just go to shows you that it does not have to be complicated to be delicious. Click on the pictures for a close up.

Whatcha chewing today??


stir fry cooking

Welcome back – it’s been a long time but don’t fret.  Pictures, ideas, and recipes are coming back.

Here is what I’m chewing for dinner tonight.  Beef stir fry!

I started out with lean flank steak cut into strips, red,yellow, orange peppers,onions, and snow peas.

I then put the beef in a hot pan and cooked until browned about 5-7 minutes.  Then drained any liquid and added the veggies.  Cook until vegetables are crisp tender.

I wanted to add a sauce so mixed up some soy sauce, beef broth, sesame oil and almond butter.  Almond butter??  Yes!  I wanted to thicken the sauce but did not want to add flour.  I thought the almond butter would do the trick and add a nice “nutty” flavor – and I was right!  Next time you want to thicken a sauce but don’t want the carbs add some nut butter (almond, pecan, cashew, peanut, etc).  You will love the flavor.

Whatcha chewing today?

Homemade Pickles









I went to Costco last week and couldn’t resist picking up a bag of little cucumbers.  They are called “Cute Cucumbers” and are perfectly named 🙂

Since I couldn’t eat them all within a week, I decided to make pickles!  I cleaned out an empty pickle jar and lined up a bunch of the little cucumbers.  I then tucked in some fresh dill from the garden along with a couple of peeled whole garlic cloves.

Next, in a saucepan I added about 2 cups of white vinegar, a pinch of kosher salt, a teaspoon of sugar, whole blackpeppercorns, and a pinch of mustard seed.  Bring to a boil and stir until the sugar and salt dissolved.  Then let brine cool slightly and then pour into pickle jar.  Seal up and put in the frig. 

In a few days they will be crunchy and yummy.  They will last in the frig for several weeks so a terrific way to use up leftover cucumbers.

So if your garden is full of cucumbers and you are looking for ideas – just make some refrigerator pickles!  If your cucumbers are large you could just slice them and have pickle chips.

Click the picture for a close up and get creative with your cukes!!

Pittsburgh Food!

From the ‘Burgh or missing the ‘Burgh?  Here is a dish for you!  Sauteed pierogies, local kielbassa, peppers and onions – what’s not to love?

Had some leftover grilled kielbassa in the fridge and plenty of home grown red and green peppers.  Cooked the pierogies in pan with a little butter and onions then added in the peppers and kielbassa.  Tossed all into glass pan and popped under broiler until browned. 

Nothing like a good ‘ole hunky/Pittsburgh dish to warm your heart, soul, and tummy!!  Click the picture for a closeup.

Soups On!

Unusual chilly day in Pittsburgh today.  I am glad for the break from the 90’s although no pool today.

Decided to make some soup and was craving good old fashioned chicken soup.  I mixed it up and instead of noodles decided to use cheese tortellini.  The result was a delicious stomach and soul warming soup.  Served along side some nice crusty french bread and a quick satisfying Saturday supper!

I started by cutting some chicken tenderloins into bite sized pieces and cooked in a little olive oil until browned.  Then added a sliced carrot and two stalks of chopped celery.  Sauteed until the veggies were tender and then added some chicken broth.  I keep homemade chicken broth in the freezer so just added to the pot and brought it to a simmer.  Then added frozen cheese tortellini and then bring back to a slow simmer.  Sprinkle in some herbs and dinner is served! Click the picture for a close up.

Brown Rice Salad

Looking for a yummy side dish to have for dinner tonight?  Try this brown rice salad.

I used a frozen bag of steamfresh brown rice and mixed with sugar snap peas, cucumbers, green onions, and tomatoes.  The dressing is a tangy mix of lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, dill, salt and pepper.

Just steam the rice and pour into bowl and add chopped sugar snap peas.  Mix dressing ingredients in another bowl then pour over rice/pea mixture.  Add diced tomatoes, onions, and cucumbers and stir to combine.  Should be served room temperature and the flavors will marry together and be terrific for lunch the next day.  Click the picture for a close up.

What kind of side dishes do you like??

Dijon Pork Chops with Wine Sauce

I love pork chops!  Always looking for new healthy ways to cook them.  Over Easter I made my homemade German style dijon mustard and decided it would be perfect with pork.

In a bowl I mixed a couple of tablespoons of dijon mustard and thinned out with some red wine vinegar.  I put this over the pork chops and marinated for about 15 minutes.  Then put chops in a hot oiled pan and brown. 

After they were browned, I removed from the pan and added about 1/2 cup of wine to the pan and cooked down until thick.  Removed from the heat and added a teaspoon of butter and then poured the sauce over the chops.  Simply yummy!!  I’m thinking this sauce would be wonderful over steak 🙂  I used a blush wine but any light wine would work. Click the picture for a close up.

What did you have for dinner?

Chicken Nuggets

Kids of all ages love chicken nuggets!  But why make premade nuggets full of preservatives when homemade ones are so easy to make?

I took some chicken tenders, cut in half and then dipped into egg wash then rolled in panko and whole wheat bread crumbs.  Sprayed with a little olive oil then into the oven on a foil lined baking sheet.  20 minutes later crispy, healthy all white meat nuggets ready for dunkin into ranch or BBQ sauce.

Rounded the dinner out with baby roasted potatoes (the oven is on already) and steamed green beans. In the time it takes to go through the drive through you could have something healthy for dinner where you know what all the ingredients are!  Click the picture for a close up.

What did you have for dinner tonight?


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