Roasted Red Pepper Tomato Soup with Green Beans

tomato green bean soup

Growing up Mom used to make a green bean side dish that was covered in a yummy tomato “gravy”.  I never knew how she made the dish until later in life where I learned she mixed flour into the tomato sauce.  Lately my stomach has been doing better when I eliminate gluten or flour from my meals.

This soup kinda reminds me of that side dish but without the gluten flour.  I had a big container of grape tomatoes from Costco that I wanted to use before going bad.  I cut all the tomatoes in half and put them on a foil lined cookie sheet along with 1/2 sweet onion that was diced.  Drizzled with olive oil, added salt and pepper, and put into a 375 degree oven and roasted for about 20 – 25 minutes until nice and browned.

While the tomatoes were cooking, I took a large jar of roasted red peppers and chopped up and put into a large stock pot along with 2 diced garlic cloves.  When the tomatoes were done cooking, I added them with their juices to the pot with the peppers.

Next I added about 2 cups of chicken stock and brought the soup to a low simmer.  I removed the pot from the heat and using my immersion blender, pureed the soup until smooth and all blended.

I cut the fresh green beans into bite sized pieces, steamed until bright green, then added to the soup.  Stir all together and warm for about 5 minutes to blend – yummy!

HINT:  I threw a piece of Parmesan Regianno cheese in the rind, into soup while it was simmering.  Added a nice nutty, cheesy, flavor to the soup and helped thicken it up.  Just remember to remove the cheese rind before serving.

Although I adored the green beans Mom made, I think this soup is a nice modern take and I hope Mom would be proud!!!

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