Grilled Kebobs

I know, I know, the calendar says Spring, but with temperatures in the  80’s today, it certainly feels like summer!

I thought I would never say this in March, but it’s too hot inside to turn the oven on.  So, it’s out to the trusty grill.  This morning I marinated some frozen chicken tenderloins in Ken’s Steakhouse Herb Marinade.  I cut up some peppers and onions in large chunks and threaded the chicken and veggies onto skewers.

I like to cook the chicken and veggies on seperate skewers for several reasons.  For one, they cook at different speeds and if the veggies get done before the chicken, I can just take them off the grill.  Also, not everyone in the house likes certain veggies so I can “customize” the veggies skewers to people’s liking.

Steamed up some brown rice and some green beans (because you just can’t have enough veggies) and the meal was complete.  A healthy yummy dinner in less than an hour and the best part – the house didn’t heat up!

Click the picture for a close up and be sure to share what you are chewing!!

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