Penne with quick meat sauce

Errands after work tonight so had to make a quick dinner.  Pasta and Italian always hit the spot and is quick to make.

I browned some ground beef, drained the fat and added in some spaghetti sauce and some Italian seasonings.  Boiled some penne pasta and then tossed with the meat sauce.  Sprinkled on some mozzarella cheese and popped into the oven to warm throughout and to melt the cheese.  Served with some homemade biscuits and dinner is served!

From start to finish about 30 minutes – quick, comforting, and filling.  Click the picture for a close up.

What did you have for dinner??

3 responses to “Penne with quick meat sauce

  1. lisa smithnosky

    We had grilled chicken one was done up in bbq n others soaked in italian dressing with beans


  2. Mary Ellen

    We had pineapple chicken that cooked all day in the crock pot. Plus, lots of wine! I had a rough day.


  3. Pineapple chicken?? Sounds yummy! Details please! Did you cook the pineapple all day with the chicken or just add at the end? Was it whole chicken or diced? How did you serve – by itself, over rice, etc. ? Recipe?? Sounds like something Connor would like.


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